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By Ron Carter Updates

Curbing Bad Behavior

Someone who loves Charlie Sheen must tell him to stop talking deliriously to the media. There is a reason why his public relations adviser quit working for him. Charlie is spinning out of control while guiding his own media efforts. Saying such things as “you can’t process me with a normal brain,” “I have tiger blood running through my veins,” and “violent love” among other incoherent remarks are denoting that Charlie Sheen needs help.
He mentions that he plans on curbing his spending, my unsolicited advise is that Charlie Sheen should “Curb his Bad Behavior.” I recently started watching his show, “Two and a Half Men,”  because two of my best buddies suggested I do. Much to my surprise, the show is very funny. And, Charlie is excellent playing the lead character. Charlie like most individuals that are infected with “delusion of grandeur” live in their own selfish state which can be difficult to cure.

Charlie, please stop talking wildly to the media and examine what you did to cause this rift between you and your employer or better yet get copies of all your recent interviews and “listen” to your rants they may gave you the incentive to pause and curb your bad behavior.