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Curbing Bad Behavior/NFL Players’ Injuries

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This year, 2013, I have been conflicted watching profession football. I am a fan of the National Football League (NFL) and thus I have some angst writing about the enormous amount of players’ injuries taking place in the sport today. Every week several star NFL players are being injured. Players’ injuries place a huge obstacle - Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers injury comes to mind – on their team to win a NFL Championship.  NFL officials in trying to limit the effects of players’ injuries are instituting more rules to protect the physically conditioned NFL athletes.

Today’s NFL players are tackling each other in a more ferocious manner than in years gone by. Seems to me, players on NFL defensive teams are trying their best to first win the battle against their offensive opponents. Sometimes, their aggressive tackling/hitting the offensive opponents result in a highlight clip on television - a celebration for the act. Unfortunately, some of those acts result in serious players’ injuries.  This 2013 NFL season I took note of the amount of star NFL players who were injured sometime during the season; the list is large and growing.

I don’t have an answer for NFL players’ injuries. But, I do believe more has to be done to protect the players. I am conflicted, because as much as I enjoy watching professional football (NFL), I also read about many young and older former NFL players who are suffering from major health issues. And, many of them cannot afford the expensive medical bills which are required to get themselves well.

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  1. Wayne12-26-13

    I too am conflicted watching football just as I am with boxing, another violent sport that I love to watch. I try to balance — or, at least, justify — my angst by telling myself these athletes know the potential pitfalls and hazards of their chosen professions but, evidently, make being handsomely compensated (which they are) a higher priority than concerns for their health down the road.

  2. Ron Carter12-31-13


    I agree with your remarks. Even worse is the Kick Boxing sport which is growing everyday. I would hate to be one of the participants of such a sport where kicking and romps on the floor are allowed.

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