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Curbing Bad Behavior/Channsin Berry

My friend Channsin Channsin Berry PhotoBerry is a gentleman on a mission. I am elated, because of the recent successes he has achieved. Chan, as he is fondly called, is a soft-spoken, intelligent and kind human being. Chan’s photo should be placed next to a sign which reads, “persevere, talent, good karma and success.” I met Chan 23 years ago when I was working for Mercury Records and he was working for Disney. Back in the early 1990s’, Chan provided me my first visit unto Disney’s film studios. At the time, he was president of Disney’s African-American employees and I was a publicist at Mercury Records for one of his favorite groups, Cameo. He invited me to a screening at the iconic studio in Burbank, California. Since then, Chan and I have remained friends. Back then, Chan spoke of making films, so it is gratifying to observe he is presently accomplishing his goals. We, my wife Veronica and I, have been guests at Chan’s home, during July 4th weekends, enjoying ourselves with his family and friends at his staple Independence Day social gathering.  I had the pleasure of meeting actor Richard “Shaft” Roundtree and actor/director/producer Bill Duke at Chan’s home. Both of these gentlemen were down-to-earth humble individuals. I was enlightened listening to them speak about the movie business. Thank you Chan for affording us the memories.
Over the past several years, Chan has directed and produced several documentaries. His film the “The Black Line, Part 1” was a critically acclaimed success. He has since found his groove with his recent film, “Dark Girls.” I was happy to note that Oprah Winfrey OWN Network aired the much heralded film.  Chan and his producing partner Bill Duke should be commended for bringing to movie theaters a film on African-American women’s skin color. If you have not seen this film, I recommend you see it. It is an enlightening and beautiful film.

Last Saturday night, Chan and I had the opportunity to chat at the Legacy Ladies 10th Anniversary Torch Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Chan was resplendent wearing a double-breasted tuxedo, one of my favorite clothing. The only other gentleman I know who could have worn Chan’s double-breasted tuxedo with such elegance is my friend Michael Stradford. Sorry fellas, when speaking of clothing Michael Stradford is “the man.” Check out Mike’s blog, Tall Guys Gear Guide. Sorry, I diverted. Chan was at the Torch Awards supporting his wife, Andrea, who is a Legacy Lady. Chan, as usual, was calm, soft-spoken and gracious while we discussed all the amazing happenings in both of our lives. It is wonderful and uplifting to witness “righteous” individuals’ successes. In my world, Chan is a righteous person. Look for and support his movies in theaters near you.

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