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Curbing Bad Behavior/Hold Fast To Dreams

London 2012 banner at The Monument.
London 2012 banner at The Monument. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It never ceases to amaze me that human beings will attempt to interrupt another person’s dreams by saying “what you are about to attempt is impossible.” Before the London 2012 Olympics began, it was reported many “experts” remarked USA Gymnast Gabby Douglas was not confident or graceful enough to be a Gold Medal winner. Suffice to say, the 16-year-old Douglas won the Gold Medal for the Individual All-Round Women competition and quieted her naysayers. I applauded Ms. Douglas for her commitment, focus, confidence, grace, courage and her ability to be successful under pressure.

Watching and listening as Gabby Douglas won a few Gold Medals during the London 2012 Olympics, I am reminded of my junior year in college. One day during a lecture, one of my very well liked  Communications professors asked us (his students) which area of Public Relations we would pursue after graduation. When my turn came to answer his question I said “I wanted to be an entertainment public relations practitioner.” He told me that it was “impossible” for me to get into entertainment public relations, because I knew no one in the business and he advised I should choose another area to pursue my career in. Fast forward three years later, I have graduated from college and I am working for the late “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson. I received a phone call from my professor who requested I should lecture to his class about careers in the entertainment business. I obliged his request and told his students during my remarks they should always “believe in themselves.” I even mentioned to them what a “certain” professor had said to me when I told him I want to be an entertainment public relations practitioner. At the end of my lecture, he admitted to his class, he was the professor who had attempted to thwart my dream. He thanked me for my candor and we continued to communicate over the years.

It was an experience I will never forget, because since that day – on a public relations level – I have represented the legendary Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Winans, The Isley Brothers, George Benson, Ice-T, Tone! Toni! Tony!, Angela Winbush, Jimmy Scott, The Miles Davis Band, Black Sheep, Cameo, Third World, Joshua Redman, El Debarge among many others. One of my favorite prose is Langston Hughes’ poem, “Hold fast to dreams, because if dreams die, life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” One should always hold fast to their dreams.

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