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By Ron Carter Blog Post Updates

Curbing Bad Behavior/It’s Okay To Say Thank You

English: Nales and Doble A holding the Grammy ...
English: Nales and Doble A holding the Grammy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Disclosure: I am a former record company executive.

While watching the 57th Annual Grammy Awards last Sunday, I observed several recording artists, who won Grammy Awards, upon accepting their awards did not thank their record companies for assisting them achieve such a prestigious honor. I remember in days gone by artists always thank their record companies when accepting their Grammy Awards. Most artists – in prior years – were gracious and even thank record companies staff members for assisting them with the marketing of their projects. Where did that gesture disappeared to?

I am not sure what happened on Sunday at the Grammy awards, but it gave me reason to ponder the state of the recording business. Some artists upon accepting their awards did thank their record companies. And, that was fine. After all, it’s okay to say thank you, especially, to the individuals who assisted you in achieving one of your goals. There is no rhyme or reason to my musing. I am just wondering how did several artists overlooked such a kind gesture – thank you – at the 57th Grammy Awards. Maybe it has something to do with the present state of the recording industry.

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