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Curbing Bad Behavior/Nice Guys Do Win

Ron Carter and Bill WhitakerI believe nice guys do win. The adage “nice guys finish last” is outdated. Last Thursday evening, I attended a reception hosted by the Black Journalists Association of Southern California (BJA-SC). The well attended event was held at a swank boutique hotel, Maison 140, in Beverly Hills. I have lived in Los Angeles for a long time and never knew this hotel existed. So, it was a welcomed pleasure to socialize at a new preferred venue.  Shout out to my friends and BJA-SC board member and president Lois Pitter Bruce and Xavier Higgs, respectively, for coordinating the event. The highlight of the evening was honoring Broadcast Journalist Bill Whitaker as he leaves CBS TV in Los Angeles to join the staff of my favorite television show, CBS TV 60 Minutes’ in New York.Yes, Bill, a nice guy, did win. Bill is an intelligent, talented and charming gentlemen. I am happy CBS TV 60 Minutes’ chose him to be one of the “I’m” (an inside joke, Bill related to those of us who were present at the reception).
In two weeks, Bill will be traveling to Italy for his first CBS TV 60 Minutes’  assignment. Several of Bill’s colleagues (including his boss and her boss) from CBS TV Los Angeles were present to wish him well. The accolades Bill received from his colleagues who spoke were inspiring, because the speakers’ profound remarks centered on Bill’s professional, well-liked and admired, nice gentleman character. Bill was elated and surprised when artist Shelley Bruce presented him with a beautiful portrait painting.

I had the opportunity to speak with Bill, his wife and son. They were a humble and gracious family. Being in Bill’s presence reminded me that “nice guys” do win and when they win, they win BIG. Kudos Bill. I will be watching or taping your shows on CBS TV 60 Minutes’.


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