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Curbing Bad Behavior/Steven Miller’s Perseverance

elephants_My gardener‘s name is Steven Miller. He is one of the hardest and most diligent working individuals I know. Steven has been maintaining our (The Carters’) lawn . We are blessed to have someone with Steven’s skill working for us every week for over 10 years. Last weekend, Steven reinforced to me the power of perseverance. About five (5) years ago, Steven lost his truck which transported his tools (lawnmower, clippers, blower etc) to his work locations. Instead of quitting his profession, Steve chose to physically transport his tools up and down the hill, where we live, on foot to maintain our and his other clients’ lawns. During the last five (5) years, several of his clients fired him, because – I presumed – he did not owned what a gardener should have (truck, workers etc). Even though Steven has missed several appointments to maintain our lawn, my wife and I did not fire him. I must confess, I thought of firing him a few times. Thank God I did not. Steven is the BEST gardener we have ever had. He maintains our lawn like it is his own.
We offered to help Steven buy a truck so that he would not have to physically haul his gardening tools to his clients in our area. He would always kindly thank us and rejected the offer. I was very concerned about Steven’s health, because sometimes he looked tired, weary and frustrated. I know it must have been difficult for him hauling his tools around the hills in our area. We keep Steven in our prayers and continued to be one of his loyal clients.

Last Saturday, April 12, 2014, Steven pulled up to our home with a blue Toyota hatchback truck he bought last week. As you can imagine, we were happy to see him load his tools on and off the truck. Steven is a very quiet individual, so while we were making a big fuss congratulating him on his achievement, he smiled softly and thanked us for being loyal to him. I don’t know the source of Steven’s perseverance, but I must say it is one of the most heartening display of tenacity I have witnessed.

As I reflected on Steven’s journey over the last five (5) years, the adage “Rome was not built in a day” came to my mind. I also realized that all things are possible if we only believe. Congratulations Steven, you have demonstrated your courage in a selfless manner.

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