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By Ron Carter Blog Post Updates

Curbing Bad Behavior/The Distrust Continues

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would surmise that the timing of the release of the grand jury verdict is suspicious regarding police officer Darren Wilson shooting and killing Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Why would the County Prosecutor, Bob McCullock, release this controversial verdict at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time? He had to know  an anxious community, who did not trust his leadership from the onset, was awaiting the grand jury’s decision for two days. The  “outsiders,” who the local Ferguson community members called the troublemakers, those who were looting and burning buildings, were simmering since Saturday to behave badly. Why give them the cover of night to enact havoc on Ferguson’s community? Even President Barack Obama’s speech and Michael Brown’s mother plea for peaceful behavior were ignored. Maybe Mr. McCullock intended the narrative in the media to be on the looting and unrest than on his decision. What a shame?
There had been peaceful protest taking place in Ferguson, Missouri over the last 100 days. Last night, that peaceful protest was not the focused report in the media, because a mistake was made to release the controversial verdict without regards for the citizenry of Ferguson, Missouri.

The easiest path to decrease unrest in communities in the United States of America (USA) is to create jobs for the young men and women, who live in those communities. Depressed communities fester crime.  There are predominant African-American communities in the USA such as Baldwin Hills, California and Hyde Park, Chicago where crime is very low. Why? The residents in those communities have jobs  and they have not lost their will to be productive members of our society. So, let’s stop the talking and posturing and create jobs for young individuals. It’s a way forward to curb the lost of faith and distrust some young individuals have for their elders in authority in the USA.

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